• The Digital Era and How It Can Help Us Move Abroad

    Back in the day, moving abroad was a leap of faith. No one was sure if the pictures they saw of the city and house they’re moving in were accurate, the moving in process involved a lot of phone calls and paperwork, leaving one drained and stressed out before the actual move has even begun. Thankfully, the internet has changed all that. Let’s see the ways the internet made moving abroad faster, cheaper, and stress-free.




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    1. You can see what the house actually looks like wherever it is in the world

    Before, moving abroad meant taking days off to travel to the country you’re planning to move in to get a feel of the place, or it meant temporarily bunking in with friends or relatives until you’ve found your own place. But thanks to online vicinity maps and virtual tours you can have the experience of walking through a potential home or apartment with just a few mouse clicks, and without having to step away from your desk.



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    2. You can earn extra cash from unwanted possessions.

    If you’re trimming down your belongings to the bare essentials and you need to let go of some items, you can earn a little extra by selling them in sites like ebay, Craigslist, or local Facebook community groups.








    3. Changing your address is faster.

    Changing your billing address with your bank and credit card providers so you won’t miss out on billing statements used to involve a lot of paperwork or visits to their offices. But with the internet, this task can be completed online


    4. You can score the best moving in deals.

    If you’re hiring moving experts and getting your possessions insured, you can get quotes from several companies online and select the package that best meets your needs.



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    5. Actual moving in day is fun and easy.

    The internet will be your best friend during the actual move. You’ll be using it to find the cheapest flights, the best hotels to stay in, and places to eat, among others. Online games, movies, and videos will entertain the kids during that long trip to your new home.







    6. You can get to know your new city and neighborhood before you even get there.

    Thanks to the internet, you could familiarize yourself with your new city months before you move: where the schools and hospitals are, where you can shop, eat, go for a haircut, and so much more. There are even apps that can help you meet new people or network with professionals working in the same industry you’re in.


    Whether you want to search for a new home, earn from your extra belongings, update personal information, hire relocation experts, get to know your new city, or just read up on relocation tips for your next move, everything your need is right at your fingertips, thanks to technology. And we can’t wait to experience the revolutionary things it can do in the near future.